80″ x 32″
19XXs vintage door

roughcasting elements, tin, acrylic paint, acrylic ink

Honored to be one of only 12 artists for a special homage to Peter Max installation at Bethel Woods Performance Center and Museum, built on the land of the original Woodstock. One of Max’s prominent themes –which resonates with me on a vulnerable, spiritual level– is his devotion to the word LOVE. In moving back to my hometown in NY, I felt God urging me to choose and proclaim LOVE as my “Word of the Year”.

Alas, the colors are unabashedly vibrant- very unlike my style- but inspiration ensued. The hearts seemingly in motion are a message to myself and the world: beauty blooms everlasting joy when you seek and share love everywhere and with everyone. Indeed, the magic of life seeps out of even the most imperfect, bent heart because it longs to flourish.

** My niece said it looked like unicorn puke. And so, in her honor I offer a secondary title: Death by UNICORN**


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